Interpark Holdings

Interpark Holdings, a holding company, consists of iMarketKorea, 2 subsidiary companies of Interpark, and 14 other second-tier subsidiaries.

Name of Company Interpark Holdings
Date of Foundation June 1, 1996
CEO Ki-Hyung Lee
Number of Employees 2,787 (As of September 2017)
Business Area C2C and B2C businesses by Interpark Co., Ltd.
B2B business by iMarketKorea
Address Samsungdong Building, 512 Samsung-ro,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Samsung-dong)


Interpark is Korea’s first online store that opened in 1996.
Interpark now runs an online bookstore, theatre preparation & ticket sales, airline tickets and sales of travel products as their major businesses.

The sales of theatre tickets takes up more than 70% of domestic M/S, and the sales of online airline tickets takes up to 50% of M/S, which is No. 1 in Korea.

Name of Company Interpark, Co., Ltd.
Date of Foundation October 1, 1997
CEO Sang-Kyu Lee
Number of Employees 1,313 (As of September 2017)
Business Area Books, tickets, tour, and shopping
Major History March 2015 Change of company name
(Interpark INT > Interpark)
September 2014 Headquarters transfer
(512 Samsung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
June 1996 1st e-commerce site in Korea