Integrated Purchasing·Distribution Service

The integrated purchasing/distribution service used in advanced countries is a specialized service that provides you with supply management for all items
necessary for patient treatment and hospital management including purchasing, delivery, stock management, etc.

More than 87% hospitals in advanced countries such as the U.S. and Japan use GPOs
(Group Purchasing Organization) to receive procurement services.

Guardian’s integrated purchasing/distribution service provides you with purchasing unit price reduction, minimization of stock costs,
and distribution service by the requesting department.

Integrated Purchasing

With data gathered over 10 years and items totaling 160,000, we are able to give accurate cost estimates.
Every year, we carefully select strategic suppliers based on cost and quality to ensure that we provide premium products and maintain our buying power.

System-based Purchasing

Our unique system is able to easily integrate with supplier’s interface as well as give accurate price information, automated price estimates, and e-contracts.

Supplying Category

We provide hospitals with all 160,000 items necessary for patient treatment and administration
(Medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, etc.)