How to Participate

Our service will be launched after going through the following steps and analysis.

Step 1 Procurement/distribution service proposal - Procurement/distribution service introduction, effect and advantage, cost reduction and task improvement cases
Step 2 Diagnosis and analysis of hospital status Analysis on hospital’s purchasing environment
- Order/release method, stock/warehouse operation, current vendors, ward delivery status, purchasing/distribution,
  and in-hospital warehousing are analyzed

Unit price analysis
- Comparative analysis of the current unit price level of the hospital and reduction rate simulation
Step 3 Hospital proposal explanation - Explain procurement/distribution service derived from purchasing environment analysis, unit price analysis.
Step 4 Service and system set up - Requests of hands-on workers are reflected to set/complete the supplementation of the supply process
- If necessary, link to the hospital’s internal system
- Train actual users of the procurement/distribution service program
Step 5 Service activation and progress management - Start service
- Intensive monitoring for 3 months free of charge
- The 1st service assessment at the 4th month since activation
- Provide feedback report